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IMS originally is a leading agency and well-established company in the Engineering industry since 2015.

We are experts in supplying factories with all their needs from scratch until machine running with our extensive experience in the implementation, customization, maintenance and sales support. Our portfolio includes processing and packaging machines, turnkey lines and production systems in Food & Beverages industry, along with the Machine tools. Our advanced machinery is built to facilitate and develop complex products, as well as effectively formulate reduction in time and efficiency in production.

Our Machinery Services

Food & Beverages Processing & Packaging Machines

Edible Oil Preparation, Extraction and Refinery

Oleochemicals Plants

Biodiesel Plants

Butter and Margarine machines in Egypt

Processing and Packaging machines/ turnkey lines for Shortening, Margarine, Butter, Cheese and processed cheese

Packaging options: Wrapping, Bulk filling and shredding, Rework, Tubs, Mini Portions, FFS Form, Fill and Seal, Silo

Shortening and Margarine Machines are: Combinator, Perfector, Crystallizer, Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger (SSHE), Pin Mixer, High pressure pumps


SHG – BUTTER Homogonizer


Shortening, Margarine and Spreads Processing Line

Butter Production and Reworking Line

FFS machines in Egypt

Thermoforming Packaging Machines machines for food applications, capable of processing both flexible and rigid films with modified atmosphere (MAP) and vacuum options.

Packaging options: Cups, Fill seal cap, Mini Portions, TFM Form, Fill and Seal (FFS)

Applications: All types of yogurt, Pasty and liquid products, Water cups and Juice cups, sauces, honey and Jam.

Meat and poultry products, Dried fruits and vegetables, Sea food, and Dairy products

  • FFS machines in Egypt

YZ series thermoforming filling and sealing machines (FSS) 

CM series thermoforming packaging machines

Doypack forming and filling machines

Forming and Filling DoyPack machines

Automatic machines for forming and filling various types of bags such as (standard, shaped, with spout or zip-lock), packet with K-seal and Sachets with 2 or 3 side sealing.

Applications: Liquid and medium viscosity such as sauces, cheddar sauce, mayonnaise, katchup, etc.

Powdered products such as milk powder, powdered coffee, cocoa powder, etc.

Dry products (granular and pieces)

Bottle filling machines in Egypt

Bottle Filling machines, Rinsing, Blowing, Unscrambling, Capping, Labeling, Pasteurizing, Cartoning, Case Packing, Palletizing, Depalletizing.

CSD, Water, Oils, Sauces and Cider

Rinser / Blowing Machine

Screw Capping Machine

Isobaric Bottle Filling System


A successful factory never runs without utilities that supports the main production facilities. IMS provides Intelligent Utilities including:

Pumps and High pressure tanks

Air compressors


Steam Accessories

Steam Turbines

Installation and Commissioning

MEP Works

Machine Tools

A Solid Metal alloy is forged from raw iron, then it needs to be machined to get the desired shape. IMS Provides Intelligent Machinery to Metal machining including:

Lathe machines

Plate bending machines

Pipe bending machines

Miling machines

Shaping machines

CNC machines

Sawing machines

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